Retention and Engagement

Do you know what is making your staff happy and what are some of the issues that have an influence on their motivation and engagement levels?  Do you know the potential of your staff? Are you paying competitive salaries? Have you identified the critical roles in your business and do you have succession strategies in place? What can you do to be an employer of choice?   What can you do to make your business a great place to work at?

We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Employee engagement surveys and interviews
  • Career development strategies and services
  • Succession strategies
  • Identifying potential
  • Exit interviews

Contact us for assistance to engage and retain the staff that critical to contributing towards your business success.

“It’s more than just selling pizzas. It’s being a good fit for the community. We hire based on the betterment of the community as much as anything.”

-Mark Starr – David’s Pizza

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